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The best feature of FeedR is built-in Feed Search. There is no need to use the Browser and copy / paste or type in long URLs. Simply enter the name of the site or any search key words and be on your way reading your feeds. Just to be sure the feed looks OK and is exactly what you wanted you can preview any feed returned by the search before you add it to your list.

FeedR is built around 3 simple principles: Speed, Efficiency, Transparency. In addition to fast, responsive UI FeedR offers plenty of features that improve your feed reading efficiency. Being transparent means that we will not go overboard with effects and fancy controls -- because we know that mobile real estate is precious and resources are limited. We believe it is best when the UI is virtually invisible and nothing should get in the way between you and your feeds.

How to Get

FeedR is available in Android Market: Download!

Support FeedR

For just $1.99 you can buy and download FeedR and with that you also get lifetime updates and support. If you like what we do please support us by donating! This will encourage us to spend even more time working on new features and perfecting the application further for your enjoyment!

Current Version and Change Log

Latest version is 2.1.12. See Change Log to find out what's new and what's changed with each version.

Below you can find screenshots of FeedR in action.

FeedR Home

When you launch FeedR, you are presented with the feed list that you are free to customize. Green dot in the status line indicates that the feed is "fresh". It will first turn yellow and then red as the feed "ages" beyond the 30 min and 1 hour marks respectively. You can keep feeds "fresh" constantly by turning on automatic updates and adjusting the update interval in Settings.

Feed Reading View

When you click on any feed it opens the Reading View and presents a collapsed list of items. Tapping the title expands the item and shows its contents.

Action buttons ("Open", "Mobilize", "Share", etc), which can be turned off to free up the screen, allow you to access frequently used actions without tap-and holding the title. When comments are available for an article, the last button will become the "Comments" button and allow you to view the comments without leaving the application. (You can even subscribe to the comments feed by pressing Menu and selecting "Add as feed".)

Tip: To quickly collapse a currently open article without scrolling up or down just double-tap anywhere inside contents of the article.

Calling up Item Actions

Tap-and-hold the item title to access the context menu with options available for the item.

Modifying Feed Properties

You can tweak individual feed's preferences to create unique behavior for each feed. This screen is accessible through feed list: long-click on the feed, and select Properties.

Description of some of the properties

Message store limit - defines how many articles will be kept for the feed. If the value is "default" then it follows the global setting defined for all feeds in the Settings.

Cache images - if checked, all the images referenced in the article with be downloaded and stored on the SD card at the time of the update, so the articles can be read while offline without a data connection. Note that using this option will result in much higher data usage and battery drain, so it is not recommended to enable it for all feeds unless you understand what you're doing.

Auto-expand all items - when the feed is opened for reading, all articles will be presented as expanded. To mark auto-expanded items as "read" collapse them, as you read them.

Never hide read items - only applicable when you have "Auto-hide read articles" enabled globally for all feeds under Settings -> Display & presentation.

Load via Google - this option is only available when your Google Reader sync is off. This enables indirect loading (with server-side normalization and correction) similar to Goolge Reader but works without the need create an account and login.

Bypass Google Reader - allows for individual feeds to be loaded directly when the Google Reader sync is enabled globally for all feeds. This is a convenience option handy for some feeds (e.g. Weather) that don't necessarily benefit from the "cloud-sync."

Exclude from batch updates - check to flag that this feed should not be updated when the automatic or manual update for all feeds is run. This option allows you to have feeds that only update when you open to read them.

Adding Feeds

To add new feeds you either enter the URL, or use the built-in Feed Search.

Search Result and Feed Preview

When looking through the search results you can preview feeds before you add them.

Widgets and Shortcuts on the Home Screen

Creating widgets and shortcuts to feeds on the home screen is easy and lets you access any of your favorite feeds with just one click. FeedR offers the widget in 3 different sizes: 4x1, 4x2 and 4x3. Each widget can be configured to rotate through a set of feeds. Rotation can be manual (by pressing the arrows on the widget) or automatic on a set interval.


With Settings you can configure how to display your feeds, setup automatic updates, notifications, storage limits and tons of other options that will let you tweak the app to your personal liking.

Backup / Restore

Never lose your custom feed line-up and metadata by backing it up to SD card in case you'll ever need an emergency restore.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, feature requests, bug reports or other need to contact the developers please email us at feedr.dev@gmail.com

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